Famous Horses in History - Bucephalus

First in a series of articles on Famous Horses.

No one could tame Bucephalus, a large black horse with a white star. But 10 year old Alexander gave it a try. Alexander took off his fluttering cloak which was scaring the horse, spoke soothingly to the horse, and turned it toward the sun so he couldn't see his own shadow. With his innate skill he managed to tame Bucephalus.

Alexander's father, King Philip of Macedonia, was so impressed that he told Alexander that the kingdom of Macedonia was too small for him.

Alexander rode Bucephalus in many battles, conquered a huge empire and became known as Alexander the Great.

Bucephalus was about 30 years old when he died in 326 BC in the area that is now Pakistan. Alexander so treasured Bucephalus that he founded a city and named it after the horse.

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