Famous Horses in History - Snowman

So many times I have heard of horses that were headed for slaughter that received a new chance at life. Snowman was one horse that really made a name for himself with his second chance. I wonder why anyone would have sold him at auction. He had been a plow horse. Maybe he was a bit high strung to pull a plow. Or maybe his owner was a rotten horseman. His legs were injured so chances are he ran off with the plow and hurt himself. I imagine his owner was so POd that he sold him at auction knowing the horse was destined for slaughter.

If you need to sell your horse, it is cruel to sell it at auction. I heard of one horse that someone acquired from a soldier heading for Afghanistan. That person sold the horse at auction. Just before the KB (killer buyer) got the horse someone recognised the horse and bought it, saving it from slaughter. How rotten can someone be to try to get money for a horse that a soldier gave her thinking she would take care of it.

Back to Snowman. He had been a plow horse and Harry DeLeyer bought him off the slaughterhouse truck for $80 because he liked the look in his eye. This was in 1956. Harry used Snowman as a lesson horse until he sold him to a neighbor. Snowman always came back to the riding school by jumping 5 foot fences. So Harry got the horse back and started training him for jumping.

Snowman was a favorite of the audiences. Harry entered him at the National Horse Show and Snowman won the Professional Horsemen's Association Championship and also the American Horse Shows Association Horse of the Year. Snowman became very popular, even appearing on the Johnny Carson show where Johnny got on him.

No one knows what kind of horse Snowman was. He was not registered at all. But obviously he had talent. If you learn how to judge a horse by looking at it instead of looking at its papers, you too might find a fantastic horse. Also if you learn how to train a horse well, you can help the horse become the best it can be.

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