Famous Horses in History - War Horses

Sixth in a series of articles on Famous Horses.

Horses have been used in war way back in history. Chariots have been found buried with horses about 2000 BC. And ancient drawings on rock show warriors on horseback even before that.

El Cid was hero of Spain about 1000 AD and his favorite horse was Babieca who became a great warhorse, loved by the Christians and feared by the enemy.

Marengo, a grey Arabian, was Napoleon's favorite horse. He was small, reliable, steady, and courageous and could gallop 80 miles in 5 hours.

George Washington rode his favorite horse, Nelson (who was part Andalusian), for most of the Revolutionary War.

In 1860 General U. S. Grant became president of the United States and his Civil war horses: Cincinnati, Jeff Davis and Egypt came with him.

Comanche was a cavalry horse wounded many times in battle but tough enough to survive and carry on. In 1876 Comanche was ridden into the Battle of Little Bighorn (Custer's last stand) where every soldier was killed. Comanche was wounded all over but still alive and found lying in a ravine. He was nursed back to health and retired and made "Second Commanding Officer" of the 7th Cavalry. When he died he was buried with full military honors. Comanche was just one of many heroic horses that carried soldiers into battle since history began. He is a good example of what horses have endured for people and how they have been treasured by people.


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