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I don't know why I had so much trouble with farriers. Sure I had difficult horses with hooves as hard a iron. But the farriers were so bad they drove me to give up on farriers. The last farrier was making a real nice shoe for my horse when he suddenly said it won't due and he made shoes with long trailers on the front feet. The horse stepped on the trailer with his back feet and bent the shoe. The farrier came back and pounded the shoe back to the foot without taking it off. The horse stepped on the trailer again and bent the shoe. The farrier never came back. I pulled the shoes and proceeded to trim my own horses and leave them barefoot from that day forward. So I have become a pretty fair expert on feet.

I am not an expert on horse boots though I have included a list of links to available horse boots in this article. I have tried easy boots but they have come off. Either the horse stepped on the back of the boot or the mud sucked them off. Maybe other boots stay on better. But boots are expensive. My horses are barefoot with no problems except the only place to ride around here are gravel roads and my horses tell me that gravel hurts their feet. I am sure a barefoot horse does just fine on a dirt trail but not gravel.

I have an idea for a horse boot that would probably sell real well but I need a partner wiho can make a rubber prototype. If anyone is interested in collaborating, contact me.

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