Horse-Human Communication

It's 6:30 in the morning and I hear a shrill whinny from a stallion on the other side of the property. I know he's saying where's breakfast. Get your butt out here and feed me. That's communication.

I walk out and see eyes staring at me. They're saying it's about time. A couple horses are galloping about kicking up their heels in the chill morning air. They're saying yippee it's breakfast time. My body language is saying allright already i'm coming.

The first mare is saying put it right here. Her pen mate is saying I'll wait. The herd on the other side of the fence is getting into position. They want to block the hay thrown over the fence so they can get it all. I am mad because they are standing right where I want to throw it.

I look over the lame horse and she sidles away and gives me a glance to say she doesn't want to be disturbed. I pet here reasuringly to tell her not to worry.

Their eyes and their attitude are talking to me. They tell me how they have been and they see and know my mood.

I go in with one stallion to check the other's water, to move his barrel toy away from the fence, to look him over. He swings his body away from me telling me he just wants to eat now, leave him alone.

Big Red charges about demonstrating his dominance and lets me rub his face after he has had a few mouthfuls of food. My touch says he is a good boy. His eyes say i trust you.

Body language says more than words. Sure they are smarter that we are when they learn our words. i say back up and they respond. i say come here and well they are already coming here because they are curious.

They can't say words but they can say so much with their eyes and their actions and their whinnies and knickers and snorts.

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