The Healthy Horse

Vital Signs:

Temperature - 99.5°F to 101.4°F    or 37.5°C to 38.5°C

Pulse - resting - 26 to 40 beats per minute

Breathing - 8 to 16 breaths in per minute

Horse has the look of health.

Healthy looking fur.

Moves easily without a limp.

Is relaxed.

Is hungry and eats without a problem.

Poop looks good.

Clear eyes and nostrils - a slight drip from nostrils is normal.

Pink gums.

Urine clear to yellow depending on diet.

Lying down is normal.

Indications of Trouble:

Temperature - over 102°F or 39°C

Pulse - resting - over 60 beats per minute

Any unusual behavior:

restless, irritable, pawing, head shaking, sweating, violent rolling

refusal to move, stiff, tense, weight shifting, limping

refusal to eat, poop runny or too dry

coat dull and standing up

gums red, white or blue

watery eyes, discharge from nostrils

urine dark color

shivering - indicates cold or shock

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