Horseman Knots

I can't believe how many people have trouble tying knots these days. Anyway here are the basic horseman knots you need to know:

The Square Knot has many uses:

square knot

The Bowline Knot for tying the leadrope around the horse's neck will not tighten and choke the horse:

bowline knot

The Quick Release Knot for tying a horse. Tie to fence post not fence rail. i saw a terrified horse drag a twenty foot fence rail through a crowded stable yard. You can tuck the end of the rope through the loop to keep horse from pulling the end with his teeth and releasing himself.

quick release knot

The Quick Release knot for tying a twelve foot long lead rope. Tie a regular quick release knot like above and keep pulling loops through the loop until you come to the end of the rope, then tuck the end in the last loop so horse can't pull on end and release himself. Keeps rope out of way.

quick release knot for long leadrope

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