Horses Lie Down to Sleep

Horses sometimes lie down to sleep. Also horses sometimes moan softly in their sleep which is normal and does not indicate that something is wrong with the horse. Horses usually sleep in short periods of 15 minutes at a time.

Horses can sleep standing up too as their legs can lock and keep them up while they sleep.

But horses must lie down for complete sleep. If they can't lie down they may collapse as their bodies need complete rest every few days for short periods of time. A soft area will encourage a horse to lie down and get the complete sleep it needs. Some horses do not lie down because they are nervous or a bully horse may threaten them.

Some horses with sore feet from founder lie down a lot to rest their feet. An old horse will lie down a lot.

If you see a horse lying down you don't have to get it up. Let the horse have its rest. If a horse has mild colic it will lie down and groan and turn its head to look at its belly. Watch the horse. Usually they will get up and pass some gas and go to eating. In that case the colic has passed and you don't have to worry about the horse.

If the horse is lying down and thrashing about violently, something is seriously wrong. Call a vet.

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