Horse Abuse and Horse Rescue
(or how to avoid losing your horse to horse rescue)

Horses need a minumum of care to survive being owned by people instead of running free. They need water, food, salt. They need some room to run. They need to be fenced to keep them out of trouble.

If you have a skinny horse, keep grass hay in front of it 24 hours a day. If the horse is old and can't eat hay due to teeth problems, feed it senior horse feed. Read the label for directions on how to feed. You might have to hide the skinny horse in your back yard until you get it looking okay.

Keep the mane and tail neat so the horse will look cared for. Keep the feet trimmed -- you can learn to do that yourself.

Don't hit the horse. Learn how to train a horse without hitting it. There are lots of training methods which use a system of reward instead of punishment. Most good trainers now say if the horse is misbehaving it is the fault of the handler.

Check the horse every day. Look it over. Watch it eat. Look at the water. Use a small water trough that you can rinse out daily and give fresh water. Most diseases are caused by dirty water.

Everyone is busy but you must give some time to your horse daily.

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