How to Catch a Horse

There are a lot of different ways to catch a horse depending on the situation.If it is a loose horse you don't know wandering around, try to find the owner. You can get hurt catching a horse especially if it is a whole herd of loose horses. If you ask enough people you are bound to find someone who knows someone who knows how to contact the owner. I have called 911 when I was far from home and saw a loose horse or cow along the side of the road. Of course drive slow when you see a loose horse or cow. They are not traffic savvy and will run right in front of a moving vehicle. If a loose horse has wandered onto your property don't chase it out into the highway.

So how do you catch your own horse in the field? Most Arabians are easy to catch and you can walk up to them with a piece of baling twine, loop it around their neck and lead them anywhere. But a horse that wants to avoid you for some reason may be more difficult.

When I had to catch a horse I didn't know, I was taught to walk up to the horse's neck nonchalantly with the halter and lead rope held inconspicuously. Talk to the horse and casually slip the lead rope around the horse's neck and hold it looped around the neck under the throatlatch. Then slip the halter on the horse's head.

When your horse is out in a field with other horse's I would advise not to carry a bag of treats into the field. Horse's can smell an apple a mile away and will charge you trying to grab the treats.

When my herd escaped because I stupidly left the gate open, I managed to lure them back into their pasture by carrying a bucket of grain. I knew I was risking my life but it did work.

One time I and some other guys saw a couple of escaped cows. I held the gate open while they chased the loose cows in. I looked at that herd of 100 cows not far from the gate and said a little prayer that they didn't charge the open gate. I guess prayer works on cows too because they just stood there and looked at me at the opening.

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