First Ride

Too darn cold to do anything outside right now. But I started remembering the first ride on my first colt. It wasn't me riding him. I got a well seasoned horseman to get on him for that first ride. But it was me who prepared him for success.

I had him bridled when he was just months old. And I held a rope around his girth. I buckled a surcingle around his girth. When he was big enough I put the saddle on him, no problem, no buck. I put everything on his back that I could. One day I had a big aluminum fold up chaise lounge on his back that fell off him and made a great crash but he didn't even blink an eye. And I ponied him while trail riding with his mother.

I took him to a trainer for the first ride. I knew he would be just fine. The trainer got on him and I led him forward a few steps. Then he followed me and I turned in the direction the trainer said he was reining the horse until the colt got the idea. Then I stepped out of the way while the trainer steered him around the round pen. He was broke before he was rode.

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