Halter Problem

Horse owner ordered to get treatment for injured animal

The link to the above article reminds me of a problem I encountered years ago.

There was a llama running wild that had a too small halter embedded in its face. This was a big llama as big as my horses. All the horses were terrified of it but the llama kept approaching the horses because it is a herd animal too and it just wanted to be a part of a herd -- any herd.

The llama had been chased all over the neighborhood. So it was impossible to catch to remove the halter. Even animal control was not able to catch the llama. An animal expert who tried to rope it got dragged.

Finally the owner of the property where I lived agreed to take the llama in. I couldn't get near the llama to remove the halter. I did manage to bribe it to come and take grain from my hand. But if I reached for the halter it ran off.

So I made a trap out of a big roll of concrete reinforcing wire eight feet tall. I got all the little llamas coming into the trap for food and eventually the big llama came into the trap for food.

Then I got a friend to help by closing the wire roll while I fed the llama. I managed to clip a lead rope on the halter and undo the halter strap. The llamas face was raw and oozing where the halter had been. But I couldn't get near the llama again to medicate it. However it did manage to heal miraculously well with the halter removed.

Moral of the story -- don't halter a young animal that you can't catch.

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