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Handling the Horse

Lead a horse safely like the picture at right.

Open the gate wide so the horse doesn't knock itself. Be careful of your safety and also the horse. It will appreciate and grow to trust you. Turn the horse back toward the gate so you can take the halter off and let it go as you slip out through the gate. Some horses will bound away and give a gleeful kick of freedom and you don't want to be in their way.

To catch a gentle horse, walk calmly up to it holding lead rope and halter behind you. Go up to its shoulder and pet it while slipping the leadrope around its neck. Then put the halter on.

Don't try to catch an untrained horse. It can whirl around and kick you. Get an expert to help.

If a horse gets loose, a bucket of feed will usually lure it back where it belongs if you can't catch it.


Good safe family fun. A quiet horse being led with bareback riders.

Riding led

Riding partners


Ride with a companion so one can go for help in an emergency.

These riders are riding English saddles.

Have been well schooled in how to sit and handle the reins.

Have good posture and are wearing boots ahd HELMETS.

Are riding in a safe area on good footing, at nice calm walk.

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