Herd Dynamics

Caution: They can run right over you and not even notice you are there. Flap your arms, jump up and down. Don't just stand there.

They can be fighting among themselves and kick you accidentally if you get in the way.

Never walk out in a herd with a bag full of treats without carrying a whip.

You can lure an escaped herd back into a paddock with a bucket of grain but be prepared to die.

If they see an open gate across a big field it will take them about two seconds to get to and through that gate so close the damn gate and securely latch it every time.

If a horse sees an open gate it has to go through it.

If a horse doesn't want to go through a gate when you want it to go through the gate you are in for trouble.

The whole herd will try to escape while you are leading one horse through a gate so beware.

Don't mess with a herd if you are not an expert.

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