Horse Ownership

Horse lovers want to have their own horse. They dream of riding off into the sunset like the cowboys on TV. Hold your horses.

Many horse lovers get their own horse then are filled with disappointment. One man told me he bought seven horses and couldn't ride any of them so he gave up. One mother told me they bought a wonderful well-trained horse for their daughter. They built a barn. Fenced a pasture. Paid for lessons. Bought a truck and horse trailer. Hauled her to shows for years. Then after all that their daughter wanted to get rid of the horse because it was tying her down.

Behind the scenes of those TV cowboys is the real story. Those horses are trained and ridden daily by horse trainer experts who earn lots of money to keep those TV horses in ridable condition.

What it all boils down to is horse ownership requires total commitment. Either the owner has to be totally committed or has to shovel out enough money to hire someone else who is totally committed to horses.

Of course there are horse lovers who are well trained riders who aquire a horse that is well trained. They go on to great success together. But even then I have known of such people who get rid of their horses because they wanted to do more with their lives then just horses.

So should you get a horse? I guess horse lovers will get a horse if they can. And if the horse turns out to be just a "pasture ornament" the horse doesn't mind as long as it gets enough to eat and drink and other basic needs are taken care of -- shelter, hoof trimming, worming, shots.

But if horse lovers do not want to totally commit themselves, there are alternatives. Riding lessons might be expensive but a lot cheaper then owning horses in the long run. Then when the riders get good enough there are always people around who have several horses that need exercise and a good rider can ride with the owner for free. Then when riders get really good owners will pay people to work their horses. I know people with a stable full of horses and they don't own any of them, just get paid to train other people's horses.

So you don't have to own a horse to enjoy them. In fact you might have a lot more fun with other people's horses.

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