Hot Blood, Cold Blood, Warm Blood

The term hot blood indicates a horse with a lot of energy and sensitivity. Some breeds are composed of mostly high energy horses such as the Thoroughbred and Arabian.

The term cold blood refers to heavy boned horses which are calmer and don't want to run as much. Draft horses are considered cold blood horses.

The warm blood horse was developed from a cross between hot blood and cold blood horses. They are a big horse with more energy than a draft horse and some refinement contributed by the hot blood horse.

However within the breeds are individual horses with differing temperments. And training has a lot to do with how a horse acts.

Draft horses are usually handled from birth and encouraged to be easy to handle while they are small so that when they get to weigh a ton they will be gentle giants. Unfortunately some draft horses are aquired by inexperienced people who don't train the horse while it is small. Then they become a real challenge for a trainer to handle.

On the other hand a horse that is normally considered hot blood may be so well trained that it is easy to handle.

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