Horses Have a Good Sense of Justice

I have noticed that horses and probably all other animals have a good sense of justice. That is to say that horses know when they are getting treated fairly and when they are not getting treated fairly.

For instance a bully horse comes charging at you and you twirl your rope so that the horse runs into the rope if it doesn't stop. This is the equivalent of a defending horse turning around and kicking out to keep the bully away.

The horse will accept that as the other person or horse's right to defend their personal space.

However if you tie the horse up and go into that horse's personal space and beat on it for some reason that the horse does not understand, that horse is going to resent you because you are not being fair. For instance maybe the horse is chewing on something it is not supposed to be chewing on. The horse doesn't know any better and it is really the fault of the handler for leaving that bridle or whatever within reach of the horse.

The horse that was treated unfairly might just attack the perpetrator or even someone who looks like the person who beat on it.

So treat the horse fairly and the horse will respect you and even like you.

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