My Opinion on Horse Topics

I don't write about a lot of horse topics either because I am not an expert in those fields or I want to avoid controversial topics. But I definitely have my opinions.

The only side of horse racing I know about is the behind the scenes side of the business. I have seen the ex race horses and their injuries and their psychological problems. I have seen the unethical training practices. Though everyone loves the thrill of seeing a powerful horse run I believe the racing industry needs a lot of improvement.

I have seen the gaming horses, barrel racers, pole benders etc and their injuries and psychological problems and I believe a lot of improvement is needed there too.

I really don't understand why anyone wants to see people injure themselves on a bucking bronc. That activity seems just plain stupid.

I have seen a dressage horse buck because of too much spur. I have seen the horse overly bent at the poll. So even the gentle training of dressage can be flawed.

Seems like any competitive sport is going to bring out the meanness and deviousness of people anxious to win.

I like to see cooperative sports where people help each other with horses like trail riding. I like to see people learning to ride from expert, compassionate, safe trainers. i'd like to list all the recommended trainers and all the people to avoid. i'd like to see some expert trainers improve their people skills so they don't discourage people from having anything to do with horses.

No trainer is perfect. I have seen the best trainers make mistakes. I don't expect them to be perfect. If they are mostly beneficial to horse and rider that is the best anyone can hope for. But there are some trainers who are just plain bad.

Other websites have news for their niche, for their area of expertise in the horse world. I list the websites under links in the navigation bar. I list the headlines that I think are important with links to the articles on other websites. My expertise is explaining topics simply that otherwise would be too involved or technical for the novice horseperson to be interested in. i think in order to help horses, people who have an interest in horses have to be helped.

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