Physical Fitness

Horses can give a person the opportunity to get physically fit. That is, if you do all your own horse maintenance: loading and unloading hay and sacks of feed, cleaning manure out of pens and shelters, vigorous grooming of horses' coats, trimming feet, digging drainage ditches, building and repairing fencing and shelters, leading horses, training horses, even riding horses.

I have to take care of my own horses even if I am in pain. Somehow I manage to get the job done and I feel I am better off for having to work in spite of injury.

Seems to me that in the past 100 years most people have lost the need to do any physical hard work. The industrial revolution has created machines to do just about everything that people used to have to do. Before the industrial revolution people used to be a lot more physically fit just to survive.

To keep fit live a healthy lifestyle. Get exercise. Eat right. Don't drink alcohol. Don't smoke anything. Don't do drugs.

The best way to get a feeling of euphoria is physical exertion. Maybe you have heard of the runner's high: the feeling of extreme well being that runners experience when they are running.

So get off your butt and live a healthy lifestyle.

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