Recommended Trainers

I like a lot of things about a lot of trainers and learn from a lot of different people although I do not accept all advice. I pick out those techniques I like and ignore those techniques I question. Some horse trainers handle the horse well but are mean to people and I avoid those trainers.

I like Michael Peace on YouTube, a British trainer using traditional methods but very kindly and expert techniques.

I have recently discovered Mike Hughes.

Watch my favorite - a Kel Jeffrey video.

I like Richard Winters Horse Training YouTube videos. I haven't seen anything wrong with his techniques and he is very kind and understanding to the people he is trying to help.

Klaus Hempfling uses extremely clear body language to train a horse as evidence in this video.

Ryan Gingrich is very helpful to hopeless people with horses. He has an interesting technique that he developed where he cues the specific leg to slow and then stop.

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