treatGive treats with your hand flat. If your fingers are curled the horse might accidentally bite the tip of your finger off. Give the treat when the horse is acting polite. if you give a treat when the horse is being bad you encourage the bad behaviour -- spoil the horse.



Just from looking at the teeth I would estimate this horse is between 5 and 10 years old.



tied horses







These horses are safely tied. They have halters on instead of bridles. They are tied chest high with a stout rope using a slip knot for easy unhitching if the horse gets in trouble - pulling back, falling down, or panicking. The hitching rail has a strap over the top of the rail to keep it from coming loose if the horse pulls back.


This cowgirl is well equipped. Saddle fits horse and rider. Breast collar holds saddle on so cinch can be comfortable - not too tight. Back cinch is not too tight or too loose. If the rider were a novice she should have a helmet on instead of a hat.







Good position of foot in stirrup. Heel keeps boot from getting caught in stirrup if rider falls off. A cowboy told me to flip over on your stomach if your foot is caught in stirrup when you fall off. Then your foot will come loose from stirrup. Fortunately I have never had to test this advice.