Horse Trainer Critique

On YouTube you see a lot of horse trainer's videos. I watched one horse trainer who said at the start that the horse he was working with was just not learning what he was trying to teach.

One look at the horse told me it was high strung and sensitive. There are all different kinds of horses among the Quarter Horse breed. People who tell you that Quarter Horses are mellow have just handled mellow Quarter Horses and don't seem to be aware that there are other kinds of Quarter Horses. There are some born high strung and sensitive.

Anyway this horse in the video was obvously high strung and sensitive and the trainer was obviously used to the more mellow Quarter Horse. His methods were a bit rough: his leg aids too strong and his reining too harsh. So the horse responded by overreacting and resisting his aids.

Fortunately the trainer was an excellent rider and able to stay with the over-reactive horse. And also the trainer got more delicate with his aids so that in the end the horse was less fearful of the rider and started responding easily to cues rather than overreacting.

Hopefully the trainer had learned that sensitive horses respond better to subtle cues and the trainer will handle excitable horses more delicately right from the start.


Horse Trainer Mike Hughes Critique

I really like this trainer. From his phraseology I would guess he studied Buck Brannaman. The video shows a great way to train an aggressive horse.

I have seen a lot of other trainers work just fine with easy horses. But they get a horse with a problem personality or an abusive past and they just ruin that horse and sell it for slaughter. So beware the trainer you choose. Travel long distances if you have to in order to find a good trainer for your problem horse.

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