Are Horses a Vicious Species? Court to Decide

I saw the above article when it was first published. I wanted to stay away from the issue. But I guess it needs to be discussed.

A father held his son up to a horse and the horse bit the child on the cheek. A father held a child up to one of my horses and the child had more sense than the father because she pulled away from the horse.

What is the matter with fathers? Maybe they shouldn't be allowed near small children. Then the jerk had the nerve to sue the horse's owner. He should have whipped himself, banged his head against the wall, anything to beat some sense into himself.

Don't put small children in harm's way!!! Any idiot should be aware that a thousand pounds of horse is a danger just because of its size.

It is careless people who are the problem. I had the same horse at a training facility and the owner of the property let a small child walk up to my horse while exiting the trailer. I had to tell the child's mother to keep him away from the horse. Sheese.

Keep away from horses that belong to other people. Keep your children away from strange horses. They belong to someone else and you have no right to pet them, feed them, or steal rides on them.

Go to an established riding facility where the horses are trained to put up with inexperienced people. Even then you have to sign an agreement that you realise that horses are dangerous and you will use your own insurance if you get hurt.

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