Body Language and Voice

Horses are very tuned into everything that is happening around them. They are always alert to any potential danger. So they are very aware of everything about the people around them. They can detect a person's emotions and intent.

They watch people and know what you are going to do before you do it. They can judge how confident you are and they can tell whether you actually know what you are doing or if you have more confidence than ability.

Your calmness and sense of authority and a soothing tone of voice can reassure a troubled horse.

I was at a race track one time and a horse on the track before the race was acting up. Someone behind me said 'calm down' and it sounded like a gunshot. I said 'calm down' low and easy like a gentle breeze flowing through the trees and the horse stopped and looked into the crowd trying to locate the source of comfort.

The way to gain confidence is to learn as much as you can about horses from every source. Take care around horses and don't get hurt because that worries them. Also be careful that they don't get hurt going through a gate or in some dangerous situation. If you never get them hurt they will trust you.

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