How to Make a Rope Halter with Fiador Knot

step one

Diagram One

step two

Diagram Two

step three

Diagram Three


knot two

Tie into knots using
either of these knots.

finished halter

Finished Halter

Use 20 feet of 1/4 inch Polyester or nylon yacht braid rope. Hard thin rope is more severe than thick soft rope. Measurements are for adult horse with small head. As horse tightens knots, halter will get bigger. Some rope halters shrink after they get wet.

Diagram One and Two: Tie 2 simple knots 9 inches apart 2 feet from center of rope. One end of rope should be 4 feet longer. Lay out rope on table and tie fiador as shown in first two diagrams.

Diagram Three: Tie remaining knots in sequence shown by numbers in circles. The longer end of rope is for tie loop at knot 2. Knots 3 and 4 tie into existing knots on noseband. You have a choice of knots to complete the halter.

Trim ends even and seal cut ends with match. Some experimentation may be necessary to get the halter to fit your horse perfectly. Just change the distance between knots.

Remember NOT to leave a halter on a loose horse. A horse should only be tied up when someone is around to help if the horse gets in trouble. These halters may cut if the horse fights being tied up. I will not be held responsible for misuse of the halter.