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Hundreds of horses saved from fiery death in volunteer-led Napa rescue operation

Horse show in Finland will be powered by horse manure

Vets warn that 'extreme breeding' could harm horses

Why Trim Horse Hooves?

Why modern horses have only one toe

The horse that saved his own life by painting

BLM Seeking Bids for Off-Range
Wild Horse Care Facilities

Influenza Challenges

Stocking Up in Horses

Horse owners can manage flies with
wasps instead of pesticides

Horse deaths blamed mostly on stress

Responsible Trail Riding for
Horse and Rider

Controlling a Fast Trail Horse

30 of the Best Horse Films

A Huge List of Horse Movies

List of Films about Horses

Breeds of Horses

Gutsy wrangler, huge horse save
boy from charging grizzly

How 'Black Beauty' Changed
The Way We See Horses

How to Buy a Horse at a
Livestock Auction

Equine Odontoclastic Tooth
Resorption and Hypercementosis

Epic horseback ride: A journey
back in time

Can diseased horses graze?

Know The Risks Before You Inject

List of historical horses

Horse flips out in midtown Manhattan
traffic, carriage breaks,
animal gets trapped underneath

Benefits of Slow Feeding

Why Barefoot?

Horse Arena Footing Considerations
When You Build a Riding Ring

Road to the Horse

Colt Born at Louisa Horse Preservation
Captures Attention Worldwide

700K-Year-Old Horse Yields
World's Oldest DNA

Nutrition Can Help Manage
Tying-Up in Sport Horses

Kissing Spine - Could This be
Troubling Your Horse

Does your horse have any of
these problems?

When Horses Have Trouble
Getting Along

When to Call Your Horse's Veterinarian

Fire crews save horse wedged
tight in muddy ditch

Daily Exercise Makes Horses
Easier to Handle

Univ. of Kentucky Study Suggests
Horses Help Humans Learn

The Wild Horses’ Troubled Rescue

Wound First Aid in Horses

Horses Spared in U.S. Face Death
Across the Border

A first-class equine first-aid kit

Electric fencing for dummies

Earlier Date Suggested for
Horse Domestication

The 411 on Electrolytes

Wild Horse News

Wild horses sold by US later
ending up at slaughterhouses?

American Wild Horse
Preservation Campaign

PATH Intl. offers disaster relief for
therapeutic equestrian centers

Understanding Processed Horse Feeds

Back Country Horsemen

Horsel has to be cut free after getting
trapped inside tractor tyre