Horse Stories

Howdy Folks!

"I'm Rambo the macho man. I like to visit with my sisters, brother, father, and cousins across the fence. I eat pretty good -- grass hay, alfalfa, crunchy apple wafers, a few nibbles of grass and weeds. Life is okay."

"Hey, turkey, don't hog the computer. I want to have my say too. My name is Sir Gallahad. I think I am the greatest. Just because dad likes to bite the bejebers out of me through the fence is no reason to think you are better than me. Dad can't reach you way over there."

"Wait a minute, children, you need to mind your manners around me. I rule this domain. My name is King of the Hill. And I plan to keep my post a long time."

"Oh, Teddy Bear, let those babies have their fantasy. My name is Cleopatra. My face launched a thousand ships they say. So I am the true ruler."

"Hold on you bickering noble ones. I'm bigger than any of you so you better not brag. If I had my chance I would show you a thing or two. I am Hotstuff."

"That's it big brother. Keep those yokels in line while I hide behind you for protection since I am the smallest of the herd. My name is Begood, at least that is what I hear all the time."

"Say sister, I never get to talk to you anymore since you hooked up with big brother. My name is BetterNot. That is what I hear all the time. "

"Oh Loverboy, can I have a bite of your hay. Snotnose over there kicked at me. My name is Chubbywubby."

"Who are you calling Snotnose. I happen to be far prettier than you, big sister. My real name is Lottapotential."

"Why are my sisters always fighting. They should be happy to share their food. And they better share with little sister, me, or I will clobber them with my big feet. My name is Hope."

"I'm the smallest of this branch of the family but you better not mess with me or I'll kick your head off. I make sure I get my share of the goodies. My name is Prettylittleone. "

"Okay, so I am last but not least. I got my wish to live so you all better get out of my way and let me eat. My name is BrushMe."

"Here we are all together and we plan to show you what life is like from our point of view...." continued