Horse Stories

Howdy Folks!

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Rambo here. Quiet day today. Nice sunshine to dry the mud off my coat. My slave scratched my back which felt good until she started scratching too hard and I was afraid she might bite me like big brother so I laid my ears back and lifted a leg in warning. She got the message and went back to the comfortable rub around my withers. She might be on the other side of the fence but I could have given her a kick through the fence if I wanted to. I've done it before. The big black wolf dog is smarter and stays clear away from me when he comes visiting.

I wish I could run free with the herd but there are two fences between us and I haven't been able to get through to them. Those mares are starting to look sexy this being the second day of spring.

That goose that visited yesterday was exciting. Wolfy barked and the whole herd came running but the goose just stood there. i think it injured itself flying into the wire overhead.

The deer herd came close enough to nibble the hay I pushed under the fence for them. They used to scare me but I am getting used to them. I hope the local hunters can tell the difference between them and me.

A flock of turkey vultures that lives in the trees was circling overhead. Maybe they thought mom was going to be lunch but she was just lying down resting in the sun.

Ho hum, I am going to snooze a little myself....