Horse Stories

Howdy Folks!

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Not a whole lot to talk about these past few weeks. We have been drenched with our own brand of monsoon season. Most people around here pull the shoes off their horses and just wait for the half of the year when there is no rain at all.

I got stuck in the fence yesterday. I always manage to get myself in trouble. This is Hotstuff talking. My slave came at feeding time and cut me out. I knew she would. She has always saved me from my foolishness. I can't help it. I just have to experiment. These other horses, my brothers and sisters and cousins, have no sense of adventure. I try to show them how to make life more interesting but they just want to be safe.

I know where the goodies are. BetterNot talking here. I am the smartest horse here because I go where Cleopatra has been eating after slavy opens the gate. There I clean up all the stuff that she leaves. Only Chubby Wubby is as smart as me. But I don't let her near the goodies until I am finished.

I am having a hard time losing weight. I don't want to be Chubby Wubby all my life. I used to be the skinniest horse here. I was not healthy being that skinny. But I kind of over compensated and got fat. It is harder to lose weight than gain I have found.