Horse Stories

Howdy Folks!

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"Awww spring at last. We are so happy!!!" Everyone exclaiming at once. "Time to travel on and find some good GRASS. What is horses' favorite color - GREEN! We will even eat the paint off a green car." says chubby wubby as she reaches way under the fence for a big mouthful of grass.

"We had visitors yesterday. They bought a bag full of apples just for us. We love visitors. One of them thinks she knows horses. We will test her knowledge."

"My feet feel so much better now that they are shorter. I can't help it if my hooves are so hard they will not wear down or break off," saysSir Gallahad. "Now, little brother Rambo over there has feet like mom and he got sore when we were running on abrasive rocks. But grandma gave me her rock hard feet and I am glad."

"My feet are getting better." says Hope. "It will take a while before they are perfect but we are working on it, my slave and I."

"Got to get out with the horses and get their stories. I am just their secretary," explains the slave.

Horse Stories