Horse Stories


This is sort of a horse story in that it took place in the water trough.

"There is slavy come to clean our hooves. Maybe she will get the scary thing out of our water trough so we can drink!" exclaims Hotstuff.

"Spash, Splash!" says the water trough.

"Hum, is that a noise in the water trough? Oh yes. Mr. Squirrel is drowning. I don't want to get bit. Here is a short stick. Grab on squirrelly!" thinks slavy.

"A stick attached to a monster. Oh well must take my chances. Aw free at last but I am too exhausted to run. Must drag myself to safety before I get eaten."

Later that day. Zip. "Home at last. What an adventure. All I needed was a drink of water and I almost died. Maybe the monster isn't so bad after all."

"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters."
- Epictetus, Greek philosopher

Horse Stories