Horse Stories

The Move

We moved last year. I'm Rambo. I saw them all go: Mom, Hotstuff. Begood, BetterNot, BrushMe, Chubbywubby, Lottapotential, Hope, Prettylittleone, Sir Gallahad and King of the Hill.

They all left me. But I was tied to that place. It had been home and safety for three years. I wasn't going to get in that trailer. Slavy tried for three hours but I won. I stayed there.

The next day everything was gone but I was still there. I was lonely but safe.

But then slavy came with new helpers. They did what slavy told them to do. They tried and tried to get me in that trailer. But I wouldn't get in.

Then slavy took out the center divider and the trailer looked much more inviting. So I stepped in and ate the apple pieces on the floor. Then helper one and two closed the doors. I was trapped. I bounced that trailer all over the road for the twenty minutes it took to get to the new home.

Surprise! Everyone was there. My brother Sir Galahad. King of the Hill who they tell me is my father. My mother Cleopatra. My cousins: Hotstuff. Begood, BetterNot, and BrushMe. My sisters: Chubbywubby, Lottapotential, Hope, and Prettylittleone.

I could see them all but the herd was far away. I was in a small pen and couldn't run. All I could do was pick at brother through the fence panel.

Then it got to be 100 degrees and all I could do was sweat. Finally slavy got the pens built and we could find some shade and run a few strides. Then slavy made the pens bigger.

The dust was fun to roll in and we raised clouds of dust that covered everything on the place with red dust. There was barely enough water to drink so there was no water for sprinkling the dust.

The summer was boring. Sometimes people would bring me apples and pet my nose. I still had brother to pick at through the fence. But I really needed more training. I really like the saddle. I look so hot in it. But i didn't get to wear it this year.

Then the rains came and we flooded. I liked rolling in the mud but I was very miserable in the rain. Slavy gave me the trailer to eat in but I couldn't stand in that all day. Now this is a new year and I am hoping we get to do some interesting things this year. Slavy made that her new year's resolution.

Horse Stories